Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally trying to get back on track

Sorry there are so many pictures to try to catch up!

Happy Valentine's Day

Would anyone like a kiss?

Ice Storm 2009- My first snow/ice experience and loving it!

Dad and I enjoying the cold weather

Christmas 2009

Christmas in Fort Smith

Trying on my new hat. What do you think?

Me and my best bud Wesley

Little Stinker

Wearing Dad's hat and fleece

Christmas with my sweet cousins Everly and Devyn

Playing outside with bubbles

So, I know it has taken us forever to get back on here. Life just seems so busy sometimes, especially with a little one. We are enjoying every second with Harper. He is so funny and entertaining, as he is saying new words everyday and constantly doing new things! He truly amazes us and brings so much joy to our lives! He loves to play with balls and has quite a little arm on him, which as you know, makes his daddy very happy. He also has no fear, as he climbs and jumps off of furniture these days! We are looking forward to warmer weather so we can get outside more because he loves the outdoors. We'll try to play catchup with some updated pictures of Harper from Christmas, the ice storm, Valentines Day, etc. Better late than never, I guess!