Sunday, May 3, 2009

Harper's 20 months old

Sorry these are so random and there are so many! We just wanted to get up-to-date.
Three Generations of Cloptons

Watchin' TV with my JJ

Harper thinks he's ready for his own phone

His new favorite hobby, wants to be just like dad!

Easter Sunday at great-granny's house

Four Generations

Harper loves his great-Granny!

My first Easter egg dying experience! It's fun to just chunk the eggs into the water!

Baking brownies with mom

My first amusement park ride and I LOVED it!

On our way to Silver Dollar City for the first time!
Chillin' with my best bud Wesley

Watchin' the water show at Branson Landing with my buddy Wesley

Harper's special dance moves. Dancing to the music and in awe of the water show at Branson Landing.

Harper LOVES to slide!

What chocolate?

Loving bathtime (He never wants to get out!)
He always says "night night! See you in the morning!"

Playing outside

Harper is now 20 months old! We cannot even believe how time flies! It seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! He brings so much love and joy to our lives each and everyday!!! He continues to spit out several new words each day and is starting to put words together into simple sentences. He is curious about everything and you can tell that he is soaking up everything like a little sponge. It is truly amazing how he takes everything in and has a memory like an elephant. He loves playing outside, reading books, coloring and just being a boy! He is obsessed with tractors, airplanes, helicoptors, trucks, bicycles, etc (any form of transportation). He truly is all boy! Anytime we are in the car, he is constantly looking for tractors and trucks and he remembers where they are! He is sooo funny!

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